Marlaska announces an increase in media and assures that there will be “zero impunity”

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaskahas committed this Saturday an increase in material and human resources for the fight against drug trafficking and has stressed that there will be “zero impunity” with those responsible for the murder of two agents this Friday.

Grande-Marlaska has announced the reinforcement of assets against drug trafficking before the command of the Civil Guard of Cádizwhere the burning chapel of the two agents who died after being attacked this Friday by a drug boat has been installed.

He has highlighted the work to stand up to “criminal and murderous” organizations and has stressed that there will be “zero impunity” with those responsible for the two deaths.

After reiterating the condolences of the Government of Spain to the family of the two Civil Guard agents murdered this Friday and wishing a speedy recovery to the two injured, Grande-Marlaska has underlined the commitment of the Ministry of the Interior to the fight against drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar area.

The Minister of the Interior recalled that this commitment It was evident with the implementation in 2018 of the Special Security Planthe same one for which this Friday he announced new investments and improvements from Cádiz.

“We are really confronting drug trafficking, these criminal and murderous organizations,” stressed the minister, who has recognized the “extraordinary” work carried out by agents of the Civil Guard, the National Police, Customs Surveillance and all the bodies and forces of security.

The minister has stressed that the work of the agents against the unreason of the violent that this Friday resulted in two murders guarantees the freedoms of the rest of the citizens.

“We are not going to allow one more murder of any of our men, of any of our women”assured the minister, who has committed more resources and has stressed that there will be no impunity for the events of this Friday.

For now, the Civil Guard has arrested five people linked to the attack on the agentsalthough the investigation remains open and future arrests are not ruled out, according to the minister.

He has conveyed special thanks to the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie, which immediately made itself available to Spain to prevent the escape of these “murderers.”

“Let him know drug traffickingthe criminal organizations, which have certainly hit upon a tough nut and are not going to get away, as they are not getting away with it, and will continue to be more and more cornered every day,” Marlaska summarized.

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