MILITARY CERRO MURIANO CÓRDOBA | A BRI X report suggests that the lifeline was not necessary in the maneuvers

One of the reports of the Guzmán el Bueno Brigade Elaborated after the tragic maneuvers of December 21when Corporal Miguel Ángel Jiménez and soldier Carlos León died in the base of Muriano Hillshows that lifeline and rescue craft were not mandatory in exercise. At least that’s what it says in documentation collected in the Civil Guard reportand contributed to Court of Instruction 4 and to Military Robe Court 21 of Sevilleto which Diario CÓRDOBA has had access.

All the information was also sent to the courts. information relating to the planning of the watercourse crossing exercise that marked that day. Part of this data was provided to the Minister of Defense, Margarita Roblesby the chief general of the BRI

A safety rope, enough?

Two of the details on which the particular accusations have been based in this case correspond to the life line, the safety of the exercise and the previous plan. To cross the artificial lake, a safety rope or guide rope was authorized, as the families’ lawyers already announced. Sufficient for the development of the maneuvers, according to this same documentation.

In addition to the controls, The exercise had support personnel, instructor personnel of different ranks (sergeants, corporals and even soldiers) and rope specialists. The latter would have been in charge of securing the rope that, crossing the mass of water, extended from one side to the other.

Security measures

Lawyer Luis Romerorepresenting the soldier’s family, offered a press conference in which he harshly denounced that there was a “accumulation of negligent measures and a lack of foresight for the rescue”. “During the exercises, They lacked safety such as lifelines, ambulances, floats or life preservers.“, he criticized. In this sense, the investigation opened by the Civil Guard You must determine, among other things, whether the backpacks were sealed. That is, if they floated.

The judge of the Military Robe 21, after the inhibition of the Court of Instruction 4 of CordovaHe decided charge the captain, the lieutenant and one of the sergeants by the personnel who participated in the exercise for a crime against the effectiveness of the service. In his writing, he considered that security measures “did not fulfill their intended function”. The rope, he noted, “didn’t meet the requirements” and “neither did the backpack.”

Despite the accusation, a decision that the lawyers of Corporal Jiménez’s relatives called “overreach,” The inhibition of the Cordoba court is not firm. Therefore, after the appeal filed for the accusations, the Provincial Court of Córdoba It must determine whether, as the Prosecutor’s Office reiterates, the military jurisdiction is competent and the actions are maintained.

Declassify the security plan

In another order of things, Diario CÓRDOBA was able to learn that the accusations that represent the family of the soldier from Córdoba They requested, by formal letter, the contribution to the court of the security plan working in the military base and the exercise preparation plan.

The first documentation to which they refer has nature of matter classified in the reserved category. In the request they rely on a specific part of one of the articles of the Royal Decree 194/2010by which the regulations on security of the Armed Forces: “For their necessary dissemination, some sections may be subject to a lower classification, in the degrees of confidential or limited dissemination, or even have no classification.”

Legal sources related to the field of Defense consulted speak of “perplexity” in this sense, as it is classified and compromised information from a military complex. In that plan you can find information regarding media regulation personal and material, to the establishment of dguidelines for developing security plans and approving themor procedures action in emergency and evacuation situations.

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