Our Father Jesús Nazareno de Lucena receives the Cross from the devotees

The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno of Lucena has presented the main heritage nature project inserted in its 425th anniversary foundational. The Sevillian goldsmith’s workshop Delgado Lopez Brothers He has made the Cross of the Devotees, in sterling silver. This new key symbol of Christianity will, in principle, be displayed “daily on its canopy”, inside La Capillitaand “occasionally”, they present from the corporation chaired by Juan Torres Tenllado, in the cult events and in the procession.

The discovery of the Passionist attribute happened, this past Saturday, at the celebration of the brother’s massorganized by the Grouping of Brotherhoodsjust a few days before the beginning of the Lenten season, in the temple of San Pedro Martir. Pedro Soldado, diocesan delegate of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods, presided over the Eucharist, concelebrated by Vicente Castander, parish priest of Santo Domingo. The Choir of the Brotherhood of Cristo de la Sangre participated.

Pedro Soldado stated that We must “look at the cross” in order to “remember” how “the mystery of love culminates.” incarnated by Jesus Christ with the mission to “save each one of us and the Church.” In his speech, he also invited us to “venerate the cross”, as disciples of Christ, “and”follow it generously”.

This Cross of the Devotees has required a Approximate budget of 60,000 euros. The Nazarene brotherhood invites his brothers and faithful to collaborate, with certain donationsto cover this disbursement, with the aim of achieving a multitude of contributions and turning it into a widespread “testimony” of the fervor dedicated to Our Father, as reported by Francisco Javier Ruiz, secretary of the governing board.

Chiseled on all four sides and with fantasy drawings, this cross reflects Passionist motifs such as the nails, the crown of thorns, the hammer, the tongs and the scourge. With the “purest goldsmithing techniques“, he indicated José Delgado López, in representation of the craftsman’s family, it incorporates the shields of Lucena and the brotherhood itself, as well as heads of angels. Made of real cedar wood, it exactly respects the dimensions of the current cross of the Lord.

The general assembly of brothers approved this initiative, unanimouslyon March 3, 2023 and the Bishopric of Cordova transmitted the pertinent authorization.

José Delgado insisted that the cross means “a gift to Jesus for the favors received” in order to remember that “we all carry it in our daily lives.”

Finally, the eldest brother, Juan Torres Tenllado, assured that the cross collects “the love of the devotees and the Lucentinos” because Our Father “carries on his shoulder the love of so many lives” as a “balm, bond and support.”

A day before, and framed in another anniversary, the founding centenary of the Brotherhood of the Column, the inauguration of the photographic exhibition One Hundred Years of Column, Peace and Hope took place, located in the galleries of the cloister of the Casa de los Mora. Local photographers have given up their work to trace a century of brotherhood and the income from the sale of the images goes to the Alzheimer’s association ‘Our Angels’. h

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