Pie wrapped in aluminum foil: the trend that more people join every day

We generally use aluminum foil in the kitchen to preserve food, but this product has many uses. Is incredible what happens if you use it on your feet.

Aluminum foil is one of the products that should never be missing in our pantry, since it It is very versatile and we can use it for different purposes. The most common, for example, is the preservation of food: wrapping it helps it to be preserved for longer and prevents odors from spreading through the refrigerator, as in the case of onions and garlic, which are not to everyone’s taste. everyone, but they are basic in the kitchen.

But aluminum foil can also be used to improve other aspects of daily life, and one of the most surprising is the one inherent in our feet. Wrapping them completely can provide incredible benefits: a trick that many people already use and that we want to illustrate today. It is very simple to do, and will give you a sigh of relief. And here’s why.

What happens if we wrap our feet in aluminum foil?

Sometimes we feel pain or catch a bad cold that doesn’t go away. The solution is in this roll of aluminum foil. Simply wrap the ends tightly with the aluminum foil: in the first case, wrap the painful joint, keeping the bandage on all night while you sleep, for at least 7 nights.

In the second case, after wrapping them in aluminum foil, We leave them like this for about an hour.then we remove the packaging and let our extremities breathe: a few days with this treatment and the cold will be a distant memory.

Other uses of aluminum foil

But that’s not all, because we can also do un emergency funnel with aluminum foil If we don’t have any at home and we need to pour a liquid: just create a kind of cone, then cut the narrowest part and we will have a tool in no time.

It is also an excellent product for sharpening our scissors: just con cutting strips of it and the blades They will work better right away. Finally, another beauty trick: if we feel that our eyes and face are tired, we can use aluminum foil to solve the problem. We will have to put some aluminum foil in the freezer for a few hours, then take it out and place it on our cheeks and eyelids to feel immediate relief.

@japijangueando WRAP YOUR FEET🦵🏽🦶🏽 IN ALUMINUM FOIL AND THE RESULTS WILL SURPRISE YOU!! prevent muscle, back, neck, arms, legs and joint pain. It may seem strange, right? Such a common element in our kitchen OR, proving to have so many possible benefits for our body. But, as they say: “Seeing is believing.” According to a note from January 3, 2018, “According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services Toxicology Program II, aluminum is not classified as a metal that can harm human health. Ted Gansler, director of Medical Content for the American Cancer Society, states that the aluminum in paper has no link with the risk of suffering from the disease. Please keep in mind: Our recommendations and instructions do not replace a professional medical consultation. 🎥@esteparde2oficial #japijangueando #japijangueo ♬ original sound – JapiJangueando (Japi Jangueo)

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