Ilia Topuria: “I will beat Volkanovski in the first round by KO”

Ilia Topuria (14-0-0) is clear. There is no rival that can resist him and Alexander Volkanovski (26-3-0) is not going to be. “I will beat him in the first round by KO:”, he said this Thursday in an interview on ‘COPE’. The ‘Matador’ faces the ‘fight week’ with the certainty that he will snatch the belt to the Australian fighter without suffering too much because he brings “homework done from Spain.”

The Hispanic-Georgian fighter assures that his security is not a lack of respect for his opponent. “He has been world champion for some reason, pound for pound, he has defended the title 5 times and is undefeated at featherweight (under 65,800kg). You have to give him credit and show respectbut that respect is what I show every day by training hard and being the first to arrive at the gym and the last to leave,” said Topuria.

Topuria is a born provocateur. The confrontation is one of his strong moments in which he takes advantage of his cockiness to intimidate his rivals, but on this occasion he did not even wait until next Friday. For the ‘matador’, the main fight of UFC 298, which will take place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, has already been decided. “Volkanovski just has to show up. I’ll do the rest,” said the fighter.

KO in the first round

“It will be in the first round. I am super convinced. I have not prepared myself only in this camp, I have visualized this moment throughout my life. I’ve been preparing all my life so I know the skills I have and what I am capable of,” he asserted. Now, less than a week before the fight, Topuria is focused on cutting weight and arriving in the best physical condition possible to the octagon. “This is the time I handle the cut better, I’m alone 8 kilos above,” said the fighter.

Volkanovski is one of the best fighters in history, and he has not been silent in the face of constant provocations from Topuria. A few days ago, the Australian fighter already warned the Spaniard that he was not going to make it easy for him. “I want to embarrass him. I want to show him that there are levels and make him ashamed after everything he has said. He is going to swallow his words. In the end he will thank me,” said the current UFC champion in the weight category. feather.

The defeat against Majachev

The Australian stated that he is completely recovered from the defeat suffered on October 21 of last year against Islam Makhachev, where a ‘high kick’ in the first round by the Dagestani turned out Volkanovski’s lights in a sudden manner. He KO In that meeting it is a thing of the past for the Australian. “I was in a vulnerable moment, but it is part of this sport. I’m going to show the world that I’m recovered. “I’m going to remind everyone of the champion I’ve been for a long time and the champion I still am.”

The rivalry between the two fighters is taking higher levels as the days go by. Both are eager to demonstrate everything they promise in their aggressive media interventions.

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