Sandra Ortega’s oldest children enter the family society, Rosp Corunna

Rosp Coruña SLthe business holding company of Sandra Ortega, has just modified its management model. The eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega It is no longer the sole administrator because this company now has a board of directors. Several administrators now appear on this council, and the three children of Sandra OrtegaAntía, Martiño and Uxía.

The board of directors of the company thus becomes made up of Sandra Ortega, as presidentand their children, as directors, in addition to José Antonio Fresnedo Amado, who in 2020 was appointed representative of Rosp Corunna, replacing José Leyte, who had been its director for twenty years.

In the Borne announcement it is stated that Uxía will share the presidency with her mother, But society sources point out that it was a mistake, and that the only president will be the mother.

That of Sandra, the eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, It is the second fortune of Spain. The entry of the descendants of the businesswoman from A Coruña into the parent company of the group has occurred after in April 2022, almost two years ago, the replacement took place at Inditex, becoming Martha Ortegathe youngest daughter, the new president.

Sandra Ortega’s three children have grown up and studied in public schools in Oleiros.

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