PRESS ROOM | Iván Ania: “Córdoba CF had to win this match”

He used personality, a pinch of magic and another good share of craftsmanship – without skimping on talent – to win a victory that is worth its weight in gold, more for the context than for the rival and for the multiple possibilities it opens up at this point in time. the campaign in Group 2 of First Federation. That was the balance for the Córdoba CF of Ivan Ania at its crossing in front of the Atlético de Madrid B in The Archangel (4-1), against which the Blanquiverdes wasted football to add their first victory of the second round at home. «The balance is positive. A difficult match, much more than what the score indicates. It is a team that you have the feeling that you have the measure of, because we scored ten goals in two games, it is not something common. The game was put in our face with the goal, then they tied and it was difficult for us to get out. “We were able to score the second goal that gave us peace of mind to go to half-time and adjust things that we were not doing well,” said the coach after the conclusion of the match.

A dream day

Due to external markers and circumstances, in addition, the loot against the colchoneros took on special importance after the final whistle, taking advantage of the defeat of the Malaga in Melillathe tie of Huelva Recreational on his visit to San Fernando and two draws Castellon and Ibiza. The result: an almost dream day. «Today for us was not an easy game, playing when you know the entire day. More knowing all the results. We had added pressure, that we had to win to hit the table. Córdoba CF had to win this match to close the gap with those in front and expand with those behind. Since we played in Madrid, this team had only lost one game, which was in Antequera. The rival presses high, complicates the ball’s exit and it is true that, against them, we have had the success that we do not have on other days,” he expressed.

Iván Ania, in the center of the image, with his coaching staff before the clash. AJ GONZÁLEZ

«There is a lot left, it is the fourth day of the second round, 15 left. Little by little the classification is breaking down. Today is an atypical day, everyone from below won and those from the upper area have failed. The only ones who won were us who are in playoffs. I think it’s time to go game by game, not think beyond. Today was a difficult game, due to the strength of the rival, the reserves know what they are, plus the added fact that we were playing with the cards marked. A difficult match that we won with solvency, that’s why we are very happy», he then resolved.

To achieve the loot at stake, in the same way, the player from Oviedo underlined the roadmap outlined: dominate the ball, close the defense and, above all, increase the percentage of effectiveness of other days facing goal. «I think we are a committed and supportive team, especially in defensive tasks. We push too hard, it’s very tiring, but people repeat efforts. When we have to get together, we get together, when we have to go forward, we all go With the ball, the team had personality. We had a mistake that cost us a goal and in the next action we continued playing the same. “It is what interests us in the face of the rival,” he detailed later, emphasizing the increase in “punch» regarding previous lawsuits.

The proper names

Beyond the victory, the Asturian also analyzed the performance of José Antonio Martínezentered the pitch after the break to replace Matias Barboza: «In the clash that had head to head, At the break his vision was a little blurry, he decided to continue but after a few seconds it didn’t look good. We say change it. “It’s not going to be anything, just that blow to the head,” he clarified regarding the man from Malaga. “I saw him well, in the winning duel, with the ball he was able to find the free man. Many times he has had to calm down and pause the game. He has not competed since November, he is fully integrated into training, doing something else on his own. He has to give us a lot because of his experience, he is left-footed, it is very important when it comes to getting the ball. “It’s one more to add in a position in which we had a deficit,” he said satisfied after the debut of the Palmerino.

Iván Ania, on the left of the image, giving instructions to his players during the clash. AJ GONZÁLEZ

Along the same lines, the eighth goal of Antonio Casas In the League, fourth in the match and the first after a long drought in front of goal, it was a balance goal for the Blanquiverde coach, who pointed out the undeniable moral stimulus that it will provide for the Rambleño striker. «It is important, we do not have an outstanding scorer like other teams may have, but we do have many with many goals. The other day, after the game in Linares, I would have liked Houses would have scored the goal, to generate the confidence that scoring a goal gives a striker. We have the goal very distributed, it is very important, so that you do not depend on one player» he detailed.

«The performance of Simo It was very good, especially in the first part. It will give him a lot of confidence, not only the goal, but also the performance. In one on one he was always superior. In the end he was already tired and it was obvious that he spent many games without starting, hence we decided to make the change. I think he played a very good game,” he added regarding the player from Olot, scorer of the second goal of the match.

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