PUBLIC EMPLOYEES | The City Council of Córdoba increases the rates on Sundays, holidays and nights for municipal employees

The municipal employees They will charge more for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays they workas well as for the Night hours let them work. The update of these pluseswhich will involve an expense greater than two million euros for local coffersit will be done in a staggered manner between the years 2024, 2025 and 2026. The Human Resources delegate, Cintia Bustosreported this Tuesday of this increase that has been agreed with all the union representatives within the general negotiation table for the review and improvement of various variable remuneration concepts that public employees receive. The agreement affects three large areas of the Córdoba City Councilthe first being the one with the greatest economic amount since it affects the employees of the Security, Local Police and Firefighters (about 600 in total); a second, which will affect the workers from other areas that they have the same shift system as the Police and the SEIS; and a third issue that affects the review of the quadrants of the local staff.

Since 2018 without increases

Currently, workers are negotiating a new collective agreement. The one in force is from 2008, and the bonuses have only been reviewed in 2018 (except for updates made by law), that is, 15 years ago. “With the signing of this agreement you we shape needs that were sent to us by the union sections related to the updating variable concepts that affect all workers governed by the collective agreement,” explained Bustos.

Facade of the Córdoba City Hall. ARCHIVE / CÓRDOBA

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

The update affects the Saturdays, Sundays and holidays that are charged at 71 euros and will now be charged at 120 euros in 2026, that is, 71.42%. In the case of Saturdays, which have already been equated to Sundays and holidays, they will begin to be charged at 85 euros until reaching 120 within three years. Another concept that is increasing is nighttime, which will be charged from 2.80 euros to 7 euros per hour at night, that is, 150%.

They are also updated in three years driving bonuses, transportthe split-day one, the homologation one, the painful dangerous toxic one and the specific work one. The agreement is linked to a guarantee of service provision, to avoid what happens in times of union tension whenever they are in the negotiation situation.

“This agreement updates some amounts that the unions demanded and were necessary to update, with which we come to guarantee a good work environment, good working conditions because when an administration works well, citizens notice it,” said Cintia Bustos.

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