Rahola speaks out on Feijóo and Puigdemont’s atomic bomb: “The amnesty was on the table”

Confusion reigns in the Popular Party after the detonation, at night and in full broadcast of the Goya Prenios, of an apparently controlled atomic bomb. Alberto Núñez Feijóo told a group of journalists, at an off-the-record lunch, that his party would have opened up to pardon independentists with pending crimes after the failed declaration of independence.

Pilar Rahola, very close to Puigdemont, spoke about it this Monday in a conversation on ‘Everything is a lie’: “There has been contact with the PP, and not one or two, but more. It is neither fluctuating nor permanent, but Esteban González Pons goes to Brussels, Puigdemont is there… The thread between the two parties has never been completely broken. There is something that could resemble a timid relationship,” he began by saying in the program Four.

“In the most hysterical moments of the PP in the streets before Ferraz, this little thread existed. Therefore, the permanent demonization against the amnesty and Puigdemont himself did not coincide with what was underground,” added the communicator.

Rahola did not want to comment on whether Feijóo and Puigdemont have spoken at this time, but they do confirm the information that has been present in the media throughout these days: “Amnesty was on the table. It was ruled out after 24 hours, but the PP considered it. Therefore, the ‘no’ to the amnesty now is opportunistic and unethical.”

“The third thing that could also be said is that the pardon thing is nonsense no matter how much the PP put it on the table because Puigdemont had already had offers of pardon from the PSOE on several occasions when pardons for the rest of the Catalan leaders were being processed. So, this was an old acquaintance that Puigdemont never entered into because he considers that he does not have to ask for forgiveness,” explained Rahola.

“Two things could have happened. That Feijóo screwed up or that he planned the confession. I’m leaning towards the second. Could it be that he was planning the post Galician elections, What happens through a motion of censure? “He is looking for a way out and has to look for other ways,” commented the journalist, previously adding

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