Rent a camper and enjoy the perfect getaway for Valentine’s Day

Giving experiences as a gift is synonymous with indelible moments, an investment that goes beyond the object and will remain in the memory of the lucky person forever. If you are one of those who prefers to buy bags, a book or some soccer boots for your husband to Valentine’s Day, this is not your article. Or yes, if you prefer to get out of the routine and propose an adventure to your partner with the house in tow. Rent a camper in February not only is it a Unique detail, it also has many advantages.

Be in low season It brings many economic benefits when reserving a vehicle. For example, Roadsurfer, the leading camper rental platform in Europe, has conventional camper models. Volkswagen California (Surfer Suite) from 99 euros the night or large volume camper like the Fiat Ducato (Road House) from 109 euros per night. In a matter of weeks, that price will rise and can easily reach 150 euros per night.

Roadsurfer is characterized by its flexibility and ease of rental.

If you don’t want to wait so long, you can have those models from 79 euros per night for a long weekend in February or March. You can rent their mobile homes at any of their stations: Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Seville or Valencia.

Besides, travel in winter It also brings certain relief by avoiding the crowds, crowds and higher prices of the summer period.

Which model are you most interested in?

No one knows your partner better than yourself. Adventure is very good, but certain people require the comfort and privacy that comes with having your own bathroom in your home. camper or motorhome. In that case, you should look at larger models with that equipment included, full kitchen with refrigerator, wardrobes for all the luggage, one large double bed and a toilet with built-in shower.

The large volume campers have a full bathroom inside.

Their clean water tanks usually provide the necessary autonomy for a long weekend or three-day long weekend. If you are going to extend, you must have control on the map, or with apps like Park4Nightcertain service stations or motorhome areas to be able to empty and refill those tanks.

Except for that detail, The Roadsurfer arrives with everything you need: cylinders gas, linens (optional) and a kitchen box with the necessary utensils for two (standard). If you still doubt whether or not it is the right model for you, In this article we clarify all your doubts.

The conventional camper is more compact and versatile.

If, on the other hand, austerity and practicality are part of your relationship, you can opt for a conventional camper in the purest hippie style. The Volkswagen CaliforniaMercedes-Benz Marco Polo (Travel Home) or Ford Nugget (Camper Cabin or Camper Cabin Deluxe) arrive equipped with all the furniture of their higher variants.

There are also accessible units with just what is necessary, such as the Beach Hostel (65 euros per night in low season). Of course, the chemical toilet is an extra and they do not have a shower.

You can always travel to the US.

Do you want to throw the house out the window? Surely the love of your life deserves it and a camper trip 4×4 through the United States It is the ideal plan to become inseparable, or quite the opposite. The Horizon Hopper 4×4 It is available to be rented from Spain in The Angelsthe perfect location to take advantage of the off-road capabilities of the Winnebago Revel 44E, based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with 4MATIC traction.

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