“Incomprehension” and “nervousness” in the PP due to the debate on the pardon for Puigdemont in the final stretch of the Galician elections

The disbelief and “incomprehension” about what happened this weekend travels through the PP from north to south. Territorial leaders, mayors, deputies, senators, officials of all ranks recognize the “astonishment” in view of the informations and the reiterated position of Alberto Núñez Feijóo -public from the Galician campaign- about the pardons with conditions for Carles Puigdemont and the study that was carried out on the amnesty last summer when Junts demanded it. If everyone agrees on something, it is criticize “the moment”in the final stretch of an election, those in Galicia next Sunday, in which the party seems to everything is played and at the same time that the conservatives are making a firm opposition to all pacts with the independentists and a concrete offensive against Puigdemont.

The situation is complicated but the party agrees that “The trigger has to be the letter” of the MEP from days ago, when he threatened the PP with telling about the conversations from months ago. “Everything will be known,” he wrote. There were contacts to explore an agreement or, at least, find out what position Puigdemont’s party was in. The former president of the Generalitat, who fled Spain, issued a clear threat and the PSOE immediately demanded explanations from the conservatives. The storm of questions reached the leadership of the PP and sources of complete solvency explained that after analyzing Junts’ request they reported that it was impossible because it was unconstitutional.

Furthermore, they recognized that pardons “are always a way” since the Constitution includes them if the conditions are met: surrender to Justice, have a final sentence and abide by the law. All these reflections worry the party as a whole because we are on the verge of elections and at a time when the PP’s bases cannot explain this “condescension”, they say, with Puigdemont. “At another time, all reflections can be done. In fact, Feijóo has been defending them. But now? Because? “This gives oxygen to the PSOE and is dynamite against us.”explain different positions consulted by this newspaper.

Feijóo was always clear that the campaign in Galicia began in the final week. In general, they are the determining days for any election. But, specifically, in the middle of February and after a very intense cycle last year, in Genoa they recognize that maintaining mobilization and interest in politics for so many days “is impossible.” So this weekend and the next five days, until Friday, are really the key. And they will coincide with a political storm unleashed around what the PP leader thinks about reconciliation in Catalonia and contacts with Junts, about which very little is known.

At this point, there are many leaders who doubt – they did from the beginning – the decision of having nationalized the Galician campaign, in a territory where the national message does not carry as much weight and that Feijóo also knows better than anyone. As this newspaper published, The decision was made before they were called. In fact, the conservative leader always stated that the Galicians would be “the first” to speak out about Sánchez, his alliances with the independentists, the amnesty law and the rest of the national issues.

Now, the controversy unleashed around the PP threatens to take over all the attention. Some leaders of the Galician PP and other communities remember that Galicia “it has a very particular media and political ecosystem” and that, “fortunately”, it is not the community most exposed to the controversies in Madrid unlike others where this, to begin with, “would have triggered Vox.”

The Government, even so, has already launched itself against Feijóo, who is accused of having hidden that he was willing to grant pardons. The popular ones respond that it is not true: that we can talk about pardons if conditions that were never met are met. The PP’s reproach is that Pedro Sánchez pardoned independence leaders who never showed repentance or committed to renouncing unilateralism, and that he accepted the amnesty unlike Feijóo, who rejected it.

“Controlled explosion or clumsiness”

It is the other great debate around the political earthquake of the PP. In the party they insist on giving “all the importance to the moment and the context” to consider “a capital clumsiness” that the national leadership has opened itself to this debate on amnesty and pardons “at the worst possible moment.” “But who thought of that?” repeat the angriest leaders.

Other popular officials consider that it cannot be a single clumsiness and They point directly to Puigdemont’s letter “and the balloon generated by Moncloa,” they say, to “put us all in the same bag”using the words of the ‘former president’ when he said that if he had made Feijóo president “none of this would be happening” (in reference to the judicial investigations into whether or not there was terrorism in the process or even the ties of the independence movement with Russia) .

These leaders are betting that the national leadership would want “give answers” ​​to that threat and say with complete clarity what was on the table and they did not accept. “A kind of controlled explosion”summary.

That is why they insistently repeat that the PP would study the amnesty but rejected it, and that it only talks about granting pardons subject to the conditions established by the Constitution. However, the same officials recognize that it is not a reflection “that needs to be shared at this moment” and that it leads to thinking, some of them admit to this newspaper, who try to short circuit future information that may emerge or that Puigdemont himself seeks to reveal. “It seems like we are doing damage control,” they consider.

Members of the national leadership consulted by this newspaper repeated this Sunday that the “tranquility in this regard is total” as they have been transparent: they said no to the amnesty. Regarding pardons, which is something that had not really been addressed until now, they refer to the words that Feijóo said yesterday from Ferrol when he assured that he also “said no to the pardons because a single condition was not met.”

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