Rueda asks for support to “help” Feijóo reach La Moncloa and stop the “sectarian” left from “always”

The president of the Xunta and PPdeG candidate for re-election, Alfonso Ruedahas asked this Sunday a “yes” at the polls next Sunday, February 18 to prevent the “always sectarian” left from governing headed by the BNG, although now “whitewashed”, but also to “help” its leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to “preside over Spain as soon as possible.”

“I ask for your vote to help because, from here, we can help Spain have a remedy, because all those problems that the usual people are creating, who are creating in La Moncloa to remain in power, all of this has a remedy. I want the vote to help Alberto Núñez Feijóo so that he can be president of Spain as soon as possible“, he declared.

After emphasizing that he is “kicking Galicia” as “another militant” to lend a hand in the electoral campaign, he proclaimed that it is necessary to help him reach La Moncloa “as soon as possible.” “What a good miss it is!” He has reiterated on two occasions.

From a pavilion in A Estrada where, according to the organization, about 500 people gathered, Rueda has highlighted his support for his leader on a day in which Feijóo has accused the central government of wanting “mud the campaign” and has asserted that “no conditions are given for pardons” to the leaders of the Catalan ‘procés’.

The leader of the PP has spoken from Ferrol, after several media outlets published this Saturday at the last minute that he would be open to a pardon for Carles Puigdemont conditional on him being tried and rejecting the unilateral route and that, moments later, the PP clarified that these conditions “were not met with the pardons of the process.”

“Great mobilization”

In A Estrada, the person in charge of kicking off the rally was the town’s mayor, José López Campos, who joked that he had to ask for many “favors” to have attendees at the rally for a day of family meals for the carnivals. In his intervention, prior to the candidate María Martínez, the councilor asked “a great mobilization” to give “the absolute majority” to Rueda on 18F.

The candidate was preceded by the provincial president of the PP of Pontevedra, Luis López, ‘Lugués’, who has called to “speak loudly and clearly” at the polls to support his leader and “not regret it for four years.” Not in vain, he has warned that in Galicia “The ‘sanchista’ model nor the separatist model of ERC and Bildu will not work”.

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