Spain, star of the latest episode of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ thanks to government sponsorship

The Spanish Tourism Institute has surprised the entertainment world by becoming the sponsor of the last episode of the American version of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, issued just a few days ago. The inclusion of Spain in the popular drag queen competition not only marked a milestone on television, but also celebrated our cultural wealth.

The surprise came when RuPaul, the show’s iconic host, introduced the legendary flamenco singer, actress and guitarist Charo as an “exciting export” from Spain. With his characteristic style and his charismatic “cuchi-cuchi” tagline, Charo delighted the audience by appearing in the workshop dressed in a flamenco dress decorated with the colors of the Spanish flag.

The episode included a special challenge focused on flamenco, with Charo as the head judge, collaborating with the Spanish Tourism Board. RuPaul did not skimp when highlighting Spain as a popular tourist destination for the LGTBIQ+ communityemphasizing the diversity and acceptance that the country offers to all its visitors.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestants immersed themselves in Spanish culture by participating in a flamenco dance competition, accompanied by the talented dancers Alfredo Aja and Tiago Raul. Dressed in their best flamenco costumes, the drag performers captivated the audience with their movements and their expressions of joy while RuPaul, with his characteristic enthusiasm, cheered with phrases in Spanish like “let’s go!” and “olé!”.

The winner of the challenge won an exciting prize: a trip to Spain. This unexpected advertising campaign not only highlighted the roots and passion of Spanish flamenco, but also highlighted the hospitality and warmth that await travelers in every corner of the country.

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