Next February 16 at 8 p.m., the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul will offer a piano recital in Cordovaas part of a cycle of concerts dedicated to the pianist and composer Santiago de Masarnaufounder and first president of the entity in Spain in 1849. The event will be held in the chapel of the Asunción del IES Luis de Góngora. The pianist Claudia Dafne Sevilla will perform some of the most outstanding works of Santiago de Masarnau. At the end of the concert, the young people from the workshop Flamenco Ozanam, organized by the NGO in the city, they will also perform for the audience.

On the occasion of the 175th anniversary of its foundation in Spain, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is organizing a series of events at a national and international level, with which it wants to publicize the life and work of Santiago de Masarnau and his way of conceiving music, like an art that connects the human and the divine, capable of transmitting emotions and feelings. Since its inception, the institution has used music as an instrument to facilitate the expression, development, training and integration of people at risk of social exclusion.

Social action in the Guadalquivir neighborhood

In Córdoba, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul develops its social action in the Guadalquivir neighborhood and has two lines of attention: one aimed at women at risk of social exclusion, who seek their employment with continued support through craft workshops, and another for young people, with a weekly flamenco guitar activity, of various levels. according to age, to promote healthy leisure with music as the protagonist.

The next concerts in this music cycle will be held on March 22 in Madrid in the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes, by Edoardo Torbianelli. And on March 26 in the Cathedral of Oviedoconducted by Claudia Dafne and Quentin Guerillot, organist of the Saint Denis Cathedral.

Modernization and digital transformation project

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is also committed to a process of modernization and digital transformation from which more 115,000 people in vulnerable situations at the national level. This project aims to optimize, streamline and modernize the entity’s operations and management, while increasing the quality of care and service.

About the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, popularly known as The Conferences, celebrates this year its 175th anniversary since its founding in Spain, led by the venerable Santiago de Masarnau. Today it is made up of about 3,200 members and volunteers throughout Spain that serve social projects aimed at families, the elderly, children and youth, people with addictions, women in vulnerable situations, homeless people and migrants. It helps more than 130,000 people annually.

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