Silvia Intxaurrondo jumps to prime time on La 1 with ‘The best in history’, which already has a release date

La 1 will begin searching for the most relevant and admired figure in Spain from this week. Public television premieres live ‘The best in history’ this same Friday, February 16thstarting at 10:00 p.m. with Silvia Intxaurrondo at the helm.

The program will compete against other offers such as ‘The challenge’the leading program of its segment in Antenna 3. It will also be measured against ‘Friday!’the show presented by Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta in prime time on Telecinco.

Intxaurrondo will be accompanied by famous collaborators and experts in each subject who will debate the career, genius, merits and legacy of the most influential people.

It will be the Spaniards themselves who will decide who is, today, “the best in history” of a selection of 50 characters. Among them there are scientists, artists, communicators, athletes, politicians or writers, from Christopher Columbus to Rosalía de Castro, passing through Isabel II, Pablo Picasso, Ramón y Cajal, Amancio Ortega or Fernando Alonso.

The 50 characters are organized into five groups. In each program the 10 finalists from each of them will be presented. Throughout six episodes, the program will propose a weekly online vote to choose between the two protagonists with the most votes from each group, who will face each other in a duel.

From each program a finalist will emerge, the audience’s favorite. The five most voted characters from the previous programs will compete in the final and only one of them will stand out as ‘The best in history’.

Produced by The Pool, it is the Spanish adaptation of the successful format created by the BBC, ‘100 greatest Britons’, which features more than 30 editions in countries such as Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Finland, Portugal or Argentina, among others.

This will be the first program

The candidates for the first program are Federico García Lorca, Lola Flores, Andrés Iniesta, Emilio Aragón, Rosalía de Castro, Francisco de Goya, Hernán Cortés, Ferran Adrià, Agustina de Aragón and Fernando Alonso. One of them will qualify for the final in the first program.

Together with Silvia Intxaurrondo he will be on the set Anibal Gomez. The comedian, actor and singer has been in the audiovisual sector for almost 20 years, participating in series, films and television. He will be in charge of representing the average Spaniard and will provide all the reactions and opinions from social networks and the public present on the set.

Also, another collaborator from the digital world: Charlyokeiknown on social networks as @charlyokei Super-Geografía-. Pioneering content creator in street reporting on TikTok, with more than seven million followers, He will be the face of the program on the street. Natural, fun and charismatic he will be in charge of measuring what the young and the not so young know about the protagonists of our history.

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