SPANISH ICE CREAM CHAMPIONSHIP | José Ambrosio, from Cordoba, from Il Piamonte, aspires to become the Best Ice Cream Man in Spain

Jose Ambrosio carries the tradition of artisan ice cream parlor in the veins. In front of the ice cream parlor Il Piedmontthis man from Córdoba inherited the good work of his parents and took charge of the ice creams family maintaining a tradition that has made them references in Cordova.

Now, Ambrosio aspires to become the Best Ice Cream Man in Spain in the National Ice Cream Championship which will be held in Madrid on February 17, in a contest in which eight applicants.

Ambrosio himself has announced through his social networks what proposal he is presenting to the final. “I am going to carry Córdoba as my flag”, Explain. And for this he is going to use caraveruela products, Moriles wines, Cordoba oil, turrolate and other local products.

Gastronomic ice creams

In its creation for the championship, José Ambrosio will provide the family tradition in the preparation of their delicacy. His parents learned in Italy to make artisan ice cream and in 1995 they opened Il Piamonte, where they opted for the use of local products: milk and cream from the COVAP cooperative, yogurt and cheese from Quesería Calaveruela or sponge cake from the bakery. The brilliant.

In addition to running his ice cream parlor, where you can find a variety of more than one hundred flavors, Ambrosio collaborates with chefs to create gastronomic ice creams for some of the most renowned restaurants in the capital of Córdoba.

Eight finalists

In the Spanish Ice Cream Championship the chefs must pass the different planned tests: an ice bucket, a takeaway ice cream, an ice cream cake and three mystery box. Those who achieve the required overall grade will achieve the title of Best Master Ice Cream Artisan in Spain.

Appointment with the best artisan ice cream makers in Madrid CORDOVA

This year, there are eight contenders for the title, which celebrates its third edition. In addition to Ambrosio, Juan Carlos García, from La Fábrica de Farry (Mercadal, Balearic Islands) will participate in the event; Eulalia Sirvent, from Xixovic (Vic, Barcelona); Carolina Ferreira, from Casa del Gelato (Tarifa, Cádiz); Alfredo Marrero, from Relieve (Tenerife); Fernando Alberdi, from Dona Doni (Guetaria, Guipúzcoa); Carlos Rojas, from Trompa&Co (Barcelona); and Jesús Valdés, by Diego Verdú (Oviedo, Asturias).

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