Street Fighter 6: the latest installment of the fighting series announces the addition of a famous boxer

Get ready to fly like a butterfly and sting like a Psycho-powered bee when renowned boxer Ed arrives on February 27, 2024 at ‘Street Fighter 6′in PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S and in PC format through Steam. The fighter who becomes the 21st playable character after the release of Rashid and AKI last year, will be found in all three game modes i.e. World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub.

Along with the release of Ed, a new scenario called Ruined Lab, which will show the consequences of the fall of Shadaloo with its laboratory in ruins. Year 1 Ultimate Pass and Ultimate Edition holders will automatically receive this scenario when Ed goes on sale. Various quality of life updates will also be introduced, such as the ability to change the button display on PC and the addition of the additional lighting function to photo mode.

What do we know about Ed?

He first appeared in ‘Street Fighter V’, after rejecting the evil intentions of M. Bison and managed to escape the clutches of the Shadaloo organization and create Neo Shadaloo in the hopes of helping others like him. His attacks in ‘Street Fighter 6’ have changed significantly since the last installment. Get ready to experience some of Ed’s knockout moves, including:

Psycho Flicker: A quick flashing ranged punch that can go in one of three directions to catch the opponent off guard and is vital to Ed’s ability to control space. If you hold this button, Ed will use his Psycho Snatcher Street Fighter V with which he can attract his rivals with his psychodynamic spiral movements.

Psycho Blitz: Unleashes a series of punches wrapped in Psyhco power.

Psycho Storm: Ed’s Level 1 super art allows him to hit his opponents with a series of rapid jab-type punches.

Psycho Cannon: Ed’s Level 2 super art, previously from Street Fighter V, generates a ball of psycho power that moves forward.

Psycho Chamber: Ed’s Level 3 super art turns his rivals into his personal punching bag by tying their hands and feet and beating them in the name of Neo Shadaloo.

Street Fighter 6: the latest installment of the fighting series announces the addition of a famous boxer. Thelostbasement

How to unlock the boxer

Ed will be unlocked for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe or Ultimate editions on February 27, 2024. Also available at its debut will be Ed’s outfit 2, inspired by Ed’s outfit. the story in ‘Street Fighter V’. But the news regarding the franchise does not stop there, since the Capcom Cup X is just around the corner. You have until February 14 to head to the game’s holiday-decorated Battle Center and predict who you think will be the next champion for a chance to win a color 1 outfit for the character the champion wears. to win the crown.

With more than two million copies sold worldwide, ‘Street Fighter 6’ is the latest installment in the famous franchise and represents the evolution of the series with a new single-player World Tour mode, a Battle Hub mode focused on community and the main game modes represented in the Fighting Ground.

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