Tellado gets tangled and denies the “contacts” of the PP with Junts that Genoa has already admitted

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress, Miguel Tellado.

In the midst of a turbulent weekend in the PPon account of the information on the position of the national leadership on the amnesty and the pardons, the spokesperson in Congress, Miguel Tellado, assures that the PSOE “has launched a campaign orchestrated by certain media” to “say what is not” and “show some contact between the PP and the Catalan independence movement, when there is none and there has not been any.” In addition to what was published by various media such as The Spanish Newspaper from sources at the highest level of the party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo He publicly stated at a rally this weekend that Carles Puigdemont’s party “offered us their votes for our investiture in exchange for the amnesty” and continued: “Evidently, after having learned about this offer, we did not take a day to discard it.”

The conservative leader thus confirmed that yes those contacts occurred during last summer and, as sources from the PP to this newspaper, analysis occurred for 24 hours of Junts’ request at a legal level to reject the demand and inform Puigdemont that there was no possible way forward. In addition, there are other contacts that are public, those maintained by the leader of the Catalan PP, Daniel Sirerawith other Junts positions.

Tellado also assured in an interview on ‘Informa Radio’ that this weekend’s information responds to “expressions taken out of context”. Feijóo also assured this Sunday from Ferrol that his party “said no to the amnesty because it was illegal” and “said and say no to pardons because the conditions are not met.” This newspaper published precisely that the conservative party even considered pardons if these conditions were met and, among other things, Puigdemont He surrendered to Justice.

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