The Comuns call on Junts and the PNV to explain what they negotiated with the PP

Trying to put your finger on the wound in the final stretch of the Galician election campaignthe Commons have called both Junts and the PNV to reveal the content of the negotiations with the PP of Alberto Núñez Feijóo during the meetings held for the investiture. Since the match of Ada Colau have demanded “transparency” after the popular ones themselves have made public who proposed a pardon with conditions for Carles Puigdemont while they charge against Pedro Sanchez for reaching an agreement with the independentists and have pointed out that if the PP has carried out this controlled explosion it is because it fears that the post-convergent parties will make all the content public before Sunday’s vote.

He “everything will be known” of the letter that Puigdemont sent to the MEPs last Thursday would have been the trigger for, in the opinion of the Comuns, the PP to have done “blow up his political story”. The spokesperson for Catalonia en Comú, Joan Menahas criticized that Feijóo “lies by system” and called his party “cynical and hypocritical to set the street on fire” while, at the same time, negotiating with Junts.

The leader has assured that “would be great” that both Junts and the PNV explained what the PP offered them in exchange for their vote in the investiture, in addition to demanding “transparency” from a formation, the one led by Feijóo, who aspires to govern Spain. Although he has been cautious when it comes to assessing what it means for Junts that these contacts with the popular ones have transcended, Mena has assured that there are “indications” that they are “credible” and that an alternative to Sánchez’s investiture was being valued. “We have disagreements with Junts, but we have no reason to distrust because who we have in front of us is a PP that has made lies its political tool,” he said.

Arms export to Israel

The Comuns have also explained that they have started conversations within the Government to “demand the maximum possible responsibilities” regarding the fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs exported last November war material to Israel despite having announced that they had been suspended, as published by “We regret it and condemn it. We demand a ceasefire and an arms embargo,” Mena said.

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