The mother of an agent who died in Barbate criticizes lack of resources: “They put him on a float against a drug boat”

The mother of Miguel Ángel González, the natural civil guard of San Fernando (Cadiz) died last Friday in Barbate along with another Barcelona agent, David Pérez, as they were both run over by a drug boat, He has criticized that the “unjust” death of his son is due to a lack of means and because “they put him on a float against a drug boat.”

In an audio sent to the ‘Espejo Público’ program on Antena 3 and collected by Europa Press, Francisca María Gómez stated that “there is no right” for “this to happen due to lack of means.” For this reason, she has asked that the death of the two agents serve “so that not one more civil guard dies” due to the “recklessness of a State that does not provide them with the means to defend themselves.”

“There is no right for this to have happened due to lack of means. They put my son on a float practically against a drug boat that passed him up to three times, until it ran over him and took him away from me,” he stated. the mother of the island agent, who has asked for “justice” for her son and his dead colleagues, as well as for the other two agents who were seriously injured.

Francisca has lamented that “they should not have gone out on a zodiac”, but on a boat of the Civil Guard, since then “this great misfortune would not have happened.” Furthermore, he has stressed the need for the Government to “reinforce the strait” and to “do what has to be done, but to ensure that it does not happen again.”

He has emphasized that he wantsand that “justice be done” and that “those who have done this do not go unpunished”, while demanding that “it does not happen again” that “any more State body” loses its life due to lack of resources. “I don’t even want to get into politics, nor do I want to get into anything, I just want to give voice to my son, who has been murdered,” he added.

“I had only been there for three months.”

Francisca has detailed that her son “carried his flag high” and that “he always defended his country in the face of all adversity.” However, she has lamented that “in fulfilling his duty and his work” her life was taken.

“There is no right for this to be done to a mother, not to a mother, not to anyone,” she continued, feeling sad in turn because her son “has not been allowed to fulfill his dreams” and because “he had only been in school for three months.” that destiny”, where in such a short time he had earned “the affection of his companions”.

After saying that the last message that Miguel Ángel sent her was “you don’t know how much I love you, mom,” Francisca has assured that her life “it has gone from before to after” and that he will die “with this pain” because his “soul child” has been taken from him.

“They have stolen him from me doing his job, which was what he liked the most. Anyone who is a mother can imagine the great pain and sorrow that I carry inside,” he concluded, describing Miguel Ángel as “the companion of his companions.” , the friend of his friends, the best son, the best father”.

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