The murderer of the homeless in Valencia: “I apologize to the families and the Government of Spain”

It’s been more than seven years since Hame K., the alleged murderer of the Túria riverbed, he left his native country, Mali, leaving his wife and two children there. After suffering all kinds of adversities in this immigration process, which took him to Italywhere he was working in the field, he already imprisoned for two crimes of murder – one of them attempted – He feels that all this has affected him mentally. A unhealthy obsession because his Italian residence permit was going to expirean alleged scam of which he claims to have been a victim in the transalpine country, and the theft of mobile phones andn the few days he had been in Valencia, it seems that they just clicked in his mind. Although they will be the forensic psychiatrists of the Institute of Legal Medicine Valencia those who determine if he really suffers from some type of mental pathology, his imputability and the degree of affectation at the time in which he treacherously attacked two homeless people. hitting them with large stones while they were sleeping.

The young man who in the early hours of last Wednesday left a trail of blood among the homeless who spend the night in the bed of the Túria River, with one person dead and another seriously injuredexpressed remorse for his violent actions during the forensic psychiatric examination to which he was subjected in the court on duty and requested apologies to the families of his victims and the Government of Spain.

Hame K., 30 years old according to his Italian documentation, although he claims that he is 27, I had only been in Valencia for twenty days. time during which he was spending the night in the old channel of the Túrialike his two victims, although he denies that he knew them.

In fact, research by homicide group National Police They point out that both attacks were random and that the arrested person, who He is already in provisional prison for these facts, He had no direct motive against any of those attacked..

Their initial target was “black homeless”

The confessed murderer himself assured the forensic experts that that night “he was looking for blacks” to attack them, and attributes this aggressiveness towards them because days before they had stolen his belongings, including several mobile phones.

However, neither of the two victims is dark-skinned. The deceased is Sandel Branea, a 56-year-old Romanian. And the wounded one, José Javier CP, 46, is from Albacete who also spent the night in the river bed. In his case, he managed to save his life and is recovering favorably in the Resuscitation unit of the Hospital La Fe de Valenciacenter to which he was transferred at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday after being located by the police with a open skull wound and several fractured ribs next to the ramp next to the Valencia bus station.

Captured by riverbed cameras

His attack occurred several hours earlier, specifically at 1:30 in the morning, according to the recordings from the channel’s security cameraswho caught it carrying the backpack in which he carried a large stone with which he hit his victim, while he was defenseless trying to mitigate the cold with a blanket and a piece of cardboard on the floor of the riverbed.

The scientific police and agents from the Homicide group at the place where the second victim was found. JM LOPEZ

Investigators do not know if this attack occurred before or after the deadly attack under the Real bridgealthough due to the state in which his body was found and the movements of the murderer recorded by the cameras, it is suggested that this was his second attack of the night, and that after this, was when voluntarily went to the Local Police checkpoint in Ciutat Vella to surrender and confess that “he had killed two people” (I thought they were both dead) about 40 minutes walk away.

The mental health of the accused will be key

Of the initial psychiatric examination in judicial facilities, before the judge agreed to his imprisonment, it does not appear that he suffers from a psychiatric pathology, although it is still early for the specialists to be able to give a clear ruling. What he did show, helped at all times by a bambara performer, It is a collaborative behavior, although evasive about the reasons for that night of fury and blood.

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