TRAVEL FRONT | When can the little ones start traveling in the front seat?

Since we were little we always look forward to the moment when we can move to the front of the car to travel, and it seems eternal to us until it finally arrives. If now it is your children who ask you When will they be able to get into the front seats?below we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can travel safely and without you receiving a fine.

Child Restraint Systems are mandatory for the little ones

Chairs for the little ones

The Child Restraint Systems (CRS) they make sure that the smallest can travel insurance in a vehicle, and it is a more than important element regarding the possibility of having a accident on the road. exist four types of CRS:

  • GROUP 0 (0 to 10 kilograms): Group 0 chairs should be placed in the rear seats in reverse positionand if it is a carrycotin transverse walking position and with the baby’s head in the central part of the vehicle.
  • GROUP 0+ (0 TO 13 kilograms): It should always be placed in opposite direction of travel and must be changed for a new seat when the baby weighs more than 13 kilograms or your head stand out of the backrest.
  • GROUP I (9 TO 18 kilograms): It is important install the chair first and then sit the baby, following at all times the specific anchoring instructions for each model. They use the vehicle’s own belt or a complementary one provided by the maker of the chair.
  • GROUP II and GROUP III (15 to 36 kilograms): It is about the booster seats and cushions with backrest and they are indicated when the minor is too big for a stroller, but still does not reach the necessary height to use the seat belt. It is advisable to use always with backup although it can be removed.

There is a specific regulation to be able to travel in the front seats

When can they travel in front?

According to regulations of the DGTno one can travel in the front seats of a vehicle until they exceed the 135 centimeters high, although it is recommended that it be when the 150 centimeters.. The main reason is that security measures – such as belts and headrests– They are not intended for people who do not reach that minimum height. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions in which the little ones can travel in the front seats:

  1. When the vehicle does not have rear seats.
  2. When all the back seats are already occupied by other minors with the same characteristics.
  3. When it is not possible to install all the Child Restraint Systems (SRI).

Yes indeed, These measures are exceptional and you must not forget that traveling in the front seats the risk in the event of an accident is much older. Furthermore, you must remember that the important thing is the heightand that the Age is not a valid criterion to remove the stairlift or let the little ones travel in the front. The penalty fee to which you are exposed if you do not comply with the regulations is 200 euros and up to 4 points on your driving license.

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