The United States continues to seek a truce of at least six weeks between Israel and Hamas

In these images from the Israeli Army you can see the two hostages rescued in Rafah, south of Gaza. The helicopter that would take them out of there is about to take off. They offer them water, a blanket. “It’s warm in our hearts,” “What joy,” they respond after 129 days kidnapped by Hamas. “We love you,” they tell them, while informing them that they are being taken to the hospital. Later, they would join their families there. During the rescue operation, at least 67 Palestinians were killed, according to Gazan sources. The US president has again called on Israel to guarantee the protection of civilians and to abandon its plan to increase its offensive in Rafah. In that southern end of the Strip, one and a half million people are crowded together, who have nowhere to continue fleeing. After receiving the king of Jordan, Biden stated that a ceasefire is being negotiated that would last at least six weeks. More than 28,400 Palestinians have died in four months, according to Gazan sources, due to Israeli attacks.

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