The weather in Morón de la Frontera: weather forecast for today, Tuesday, February 13

Today in Morón de la Frontera, the sky will be mostly overcast for most of the day. In the early morning and early morning hours, the sky is expected to be cloudy, with light haze present. As the morning progresses, the sky will remain overcast, but the haze will dissipate.

Temperatures will be mild, with minimums of 13°C during the early morning and maximums of 22°C during the afternoon. Although the sky will be overcast, no precipitation is expected throughout the day. Relative humidity will be high during the early morning, reaching 100%, but will gradually decrease throughout the day, reaching 68% during the afternoon.

As for the wind, the southwest direction will predominate during the early morning and morning hours, with speeds between 11 and 13 km/h. As the day progresses, the wind will change direction towards the southeast and east, with speeds between 6 and 17 km/h.

The sun will rise at 08:12 and set at 18:59, providing approximately 10 hours of daylight.

In summary, a mostly covered day is expected in Morón de la Frontera, with mild temperatures and no precipitation. Although the haze will be present in the early morning hours, it will dissipate as the day progresses. The wind will be light and variable in direction throughout the day.

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the Meteorology Statal Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2024-02-12T22:41:09.

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