The woman murdered in Alicante told her family that her partner was a “good person” and she loved her

Rocío de la Palma OLthe 44-year-old woman stabbed to death in l’Alfàs del Pi allegedly by his partner, he tried to convince his family that the man, despite the attacks he inflicted on him, He was a “good person” and I loved her.

“We were aware that he attacked her, but she was adamant that he was a good person, that he was not bad. She had a aggression on December 24 and she insisted that she was a good person, that It seemed like it wasn’t that bad.that he loved her and that he was helping her a lot,” said Cristóbal Iglesias, a retired local police officer from Algeciras and cousin of the victim.

Christopher Iglesias is one of the people of Algecirasfrom where the victimwho gathered this Friday in the city of Cadiz to express their rejection of the sexist murder of Rocío, a crime for which minutes of silence have also been observed in different institutions and town halls in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia.

Aggression in the street

Rocío’s cousin has remembered that Last Saturday, the woman was attacked by her partner in the middle of the street.. Several neighbors saw it and, with the Local Police of l’Alfàs, accompanied her to the Altea Civil Guard barracks, where she reported that she had suffered abuse. However, at the last moment refused a protective order and expressed his desire to withdraw from the procedure.

According to her cousin, Rocío already suffered previous attacks from your partner and, despite this, he justified his aggressor and I believed that she was not a bad person and I loved her. Several relatives have traveled to Alicante, where they are carrying out the procedures for transfer the body to Algeciras for his burial in the coming days.

He deputy delegate of the Government in Alicante, Juan Antonio Nievesconfirmed yesterday that the Civil Guard maintained communication with Rocío following the Zero protocol to try to protect the victim and that, according to what is known, there was even telephone and personal contact with her last Sunday.


Nieves, who participated in the minute of silence at the doors of the Government Subdelegation in Alicante, pointed out that “the State Security Forces and Bodies They have very clear instructions in this matter” and work is being done to “avoid murders.”

Given the possibility of failures in the action protocols, which They did not initially detect the extreme risk of the victim -the initial assessment was high risk-, the subdelegate indicated that they will continue “working to improve the protocols and “All situations will be evaluated to improve and protect all possible victims.”.

The four groups of Valencian Courts They also observed three minutes of silence in memory of the victim and, as usual, they protested two banners the end of sexist violence and violence against women. The groups in the government stood behind a banner calling for an end to violence against women, and the opposition, behind the banner that reads “Les Corts against sexist violence”, which was used in the previous legislature.

Importance of reporting

The Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabé, After the minute of silence, she called for the “unanimous social consensus” of all institutions to fight against sexist violence and insisted on the importance of victims reporting, since, in this case, if the woman had maintained her complaint – he declined to request a protection order – “he would have had a housing resource with which he could possibly “I would have been more protected.”.

The Minister of Finance and spokesperson for the Consell, Ruth Merinowho attended another protest rally at the Palau de la Generalitat, condemned Rocío’s crime and stated that the eradication of violence against women is an “absolute priority” for the Consell.

For its part, the Minister of Justice, Elisa Núñez (Vox)has stated that taking a person’s life is an “absolutely reprehensible act, obviously regardless of who the victim is or who his or her partner is.” aggressorhis executioner”. Núñez has condemned “the crime that occurred in the bed of the Valencia river of a man”, as well as “the murder of our neighbor from l’Alfás del Pi, allegedly at the hands of her ex-partner” and has transferred the more “heartfelt condolences” from the Consell.

The person arrested for the crime, Juan Vicente AB, 52 years old, He was still detained this Thursday in Civil Guard offices and has taken advantage of his right not to testify. This Friday she will appear in the Violence against Women court number 1 in Benidorm.

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