Vox denounces the “deficient work” of Colombia Street in Huerta de la Reina

He councilor of Vox in it Córdoba City CouncilRafael Sacohas denounced together with the coordinator of the Northeast District, Cristóbal Aragón, the state of Colombia street, that “it was fixed just a year ago and currently it has had to be fixed again due to the numerous defects of a work that should have guarantees.” Some works that, according to the press release sent by Vox, have been “deficient“.

Thus, the Vox councilor has regretted that “again the neighbors have to suffer the unforeseen which means that once again the streets are blocked by more stars when they had already performed in them. But the most worrying thing, once again the city of Cordova check that the Infrastructure Delegation is still not working.”

Saco explained that, in response to the past problems that this Delegation has brought with it, “we now find ourselves with an Infrastructure delegate who is neither there nor expected and that does not solve, as we can see, the problems of his Delegation, since no one comes to see on site what has been contracted and that what is fixed remains in good condition and with guarantees.”

“Advertisements are useless”

Furthermore, Vox has warned of that “the announcement will be of no usethat this Government team is used to that, that millions of euros are going to be invested in fixing the streets of Córdoba if the works later they have no guarantee. It is like throw away all the money that the people of Cordoba put out of their pockets, the one who puts so much effort into paying their taxes, in the trash. That is precisely what we are not going to allow in this municipal group, supervising each of the projects that are carried out and asking for explanations from whoever corresponds,” the note continues.

Finally, the coordinator of the Northeast District, Cristóbal Aragón, has reported that “There are many neighbors who do not know who to turn to to report these situations and who complain about the state of the works being carried out by the City Council. In Vox We are going to take this and other demands from the residents of the District to the District Board. Queen’s Garden”.

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