ELECTRIC CAR MEASUREMENTS | Forced electric: This is the country that has imposed the sale of this type of vehicle

In recent years the electrification has gained strength in automotive sector and the measures imposed by the governments of the different countries – especially European – promote the use of this type of vehicles compared to combustion vehicles.

The creation of Low Emission Zones (ZBE) or fines for vehicles that pollute the most are some of the measures that have been adopted lately, but there is a country that wanted to go further and since 2024 it has imposed on manufacturers the sale of electric cars. We tell you everything below.

Electric vehicles are increasingly seen on Spanish roads

Know the restrictions

As you already know, in Spain there are many cities that have protected areas in which not all vehicles can circulate normally. However, sometimes it is difficult to know where can you enter by car and where not, which is why some municipalities are proposing possible solutions.

In the case of the capital, the City of Madrid has made a search engine available to citizens in which, just enter the license plate of your vehicle (they do not necessarily have to be a car) you will be able to know the areas you can enter and the restrictions that affect you. We leave it to you this link.

On the same page you can also consult the restrictions that affect the rest of environmental labels in case you were thinking about changing cars soon. Another benefit that this page offers is the maps about Low Emission Zones, where you can locate all the cameras that monitor these areas and their delimitations, so that you can avoid driving through them if you think you may receive a penalty fee.

Low Emission Zones have cameras that monitor license plates

The country that imposes the sale of electric vehicles

As we told you before, there are some countries that have decided to take measures in this regard and start reducing your carbon footprint in order to comply with the environmental legislation promoted by the European Union, and to do so, in some cases, they are even going to impose the sale of electric vehicles.

According to the DGT, the British Government – after having to back and allow them to continue selling new cars with engines powered by fossil fuels until 2035 – has decided to make things difficult for manufacturers and has established some Minimum sales margins for electric cars. Thus, in 2024 the 22% of sales Must be from electric cars or brands risk being fined.

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