PLENO CÓRDOBA GARBAGE RATE | The Plenary Session of Córdoba will ‘finally’ approve the 35% increase in the garbage rate

The Plenary of Cordova which is celebrated next Thursday will initially approve the increase in the garbage rate by 35%a measure that was approved in the first instance by the board of directors of the company cleaning, Sadeco, in October. In principle only the PP will vote in favor of the increase, that before it comes into force it must be published in the BOP, complete a period of 30 days for the presentation of allegations and their corresponding responses. The point reaches the plenary hall with the vote against the rest of the PSOE, Hacemos and Vox groups, and two reports contrary to this linear increase and in one fell swoop (that of the city’s Social Council and the Citizen Movement Council), which the municipal government defended in order to provide an economic response to the requirements of the landfill law.

Installation of the fifth container

Precisely, the application of this European regulation has once again confronted the Popular Party and the Socialist Party, due to the installation of the fifth container (gray container, remainder or fraction) in the city. The municipal government has begun to install it in a kind of pilot test (it has installed a hundred), but it trusts that the Ministry of Ecological Transition will heed its plea that Córdoba be an exception to the norm and maintain its wet-dry collection system (four containers).

Isabel Albás, president of Sadeco, next to the fifth container, gray container or the rest. RAFAEL MELLADO

Versions of the same record

The PSOE spokesperson, Antonio Hurtado, understands that the Ministry has already responded to town councils such as Córdoba (the city of A Coruña is in the same situation) within the coordination commission on waste. This commission is made up of representatives of the FEMPthe autonomous communities and city councils, as well as by technical specialists in the matter.

In one of the minutes of this commission it is noted that «the wet-dry model would not allow the objectives to be met and measures in waste management established in national and community regulations. Likewise, in this same document it is indicated that “It is not considered appropriate to apply any exception to the mandatory separate collection.”

Where the PSOE sees evidence, sources from the government team do not see it, because in the first place They maintain that this act “was thrown down” and it is not approved, and secondly because they insist that they are still waiting for the Ministry to rule on the Córdoba case. In fact, these same municipal sources report that it is now going to be carried out a specific study of the wet-dry collection system of Córdoba.

Fifth Sadeco container. CORDOVA

The PP maintains that “our collection system is spectacular” and much more efficient in separating waste for subsequent recycling than the five-container system they want to impose. In any case, and since the law came into force in January, the municipal cleaning company ordered Contenur – responsible for the containers in the capital of Cordoba – to adapt a hundred and place gray vinyl on them. . At the moment these containers have only been placed in spaces where complete groups with the other four (organic, inorganic, paper and cardboard) were already installed.

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