The most vocal Goyas condemn sexual assaults: “Here, in the cinema, it’s also over”

The filmmakers They start to break silences. The cry from the world of cinema against sexual assault has reached the Goya Awards, held this Saturday in Valladolid. “Here, in the cinema, it is also over“claimed the singer Ana Belen when the gala begins. Accusations of sexual violence against filmmakers Carlos Vermut and Armando Ravelo They have looted the Spanish audiovisual industry and the demand has been the main protagonist of the awards night.

The artist has demanded equality for the world of cinema during her speech. “It is urgent that we all demand certainties of equality and that means condemn all sexual abuse and violence and for thoroughly reviewing the structures that allow it,” defended the singer and presenter of the gala. Javier Ambrossi, another of the masters of ceremony, stood next to the victims and valued their testimonies. “admirable and very brave“. “May your courage to report translate into facts,” highlighted Javier Calvo, also the night’s host.

#It’s over

Women took part for the first time in the Goya of the 61% of nominations, but this has not translated into more awards for them. One of the winners has been Estibaliz Urresolawinner of best new director for ‘20,000 species of bees’, who took advantage of her speech to condemn sexual violence. “It is an honor that there are more and more of us and we have more strength to say it’s overthat we do not want more violence or harassment in the cinema or anywhere,” claimed the director.

The Film Academy has denounced the attacks in the industry and has reiterated its support for the victims. “Women characters have to be referents to build a society where equality be the norm and not the exception,” they have claimed. “We want spaces of respect and equality in our profession and in any other field. The abuse of power is over,” they have asked.

He ‘It’s over‘ has also been heard as a soundtrack. María José Llergo, India Martínez and Niña Pastori have performed the mythical song popularized by María Jiménez. And the motto has also resonated on the fuchsia carpet since before the gala began. He space has been filled with pai-pais with the claim that the Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media (CIMA) has distributed to raise awareness among all professionals in the sector of the situations of abuse of power and sexual violence suffered by victims.

Next to the victims

Women and men have positioned themselves next to those affected. Film director Pedro Almodovar He has fervently condemned the latest accusations against his colleagues. “The entire country has expressed solidarity with the victims and I hope that the corresponding ministry will give them all kinds of help.” psychological and legal support“, said Almodóvar. For his part, Penelope Cruz He has asked why victims should report when “at the base of everything and what is failing the most is a judicial system.” Along the same lines, the director Isabel Coixet has resulted in abuses being an issue that “transcends the film sector“, and reaches a “general satiety in all fields of society.”

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